You are about to pour out your heart before someone who would prefer to rip your clothes off ,

You have done this before,

Like all the women before you

You have believed foolishly in the old adage 

To change someone you must first love them.

But today ,it’s different .

You decide to down play this man who thinks he can crash you with bare hands .

So you rip off your clothes instead ,

Shut your mouth and give him what he pleasures.

You walk out of that house,

Your phone at hand. You decide it’s the last you want to see of him ,

You delete his number and slowly work on erasing his memory. You are tired . Like all the women who came before you, you are done being Cinderella, no more snow white .

Gone is the thought that every beauty needs a beast . You are going to be the beauty with the strength of a beast . This treble heart will need to learn not to tremble at the sight of a three legged being .

It’s time ,time you stop thinking so lowly of yourself. Time you understood that Eve was made for Adam and not the other way round . There is power with being a woman . As the stretch marks stand in the name of paths to galaxies more beautiful than the world .

You are beautiful, intelligent and strong willed . No man should have the power to determine who you are. So you decide , you decide to tell your daughter about the wolves. You decide to tell her about not being a glass slippered girl. You will teach her how to aim a gun. You will teach her that in a world were women are down played ,he rmind is her only power . You will teach her that her heart should be guarded. You will protect her , because so many men broke your heart 

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