When a guy falls in love,
When a Guy Falls in Love
Everything changes, but remains exactly the same.
Because when I fell in love, everything was different, but nothing really was;
Here she was, this girl I’d known for what seemed years. I knew her smile, I knew her laugh, I knew her joys, and I knew her pain, but here she was, now a stranger. A stranger because I didn’t know her heart had so much depth, a stranger because I had never seen her eyes as they were, because I had never before wondered about the texture of her hair.
All at once everything was different, and I pondered over how it could all have ever been the same. She was in my last fleeting thoughts before the night took over, and she was in the first of them when I woke up wondering what was new, now that I had known her forever.
To say the least, I was confused, not by my sudden lack of sense, but by how I had missed the curve of her body, the glow in her eyes, the colour of her skin, the warmth of her heart, and the fire in my soul – who was this that I had always known, but somehow not at all?
“This has to be what they call the ‘honeymoon’ feeling,” I’d thought. But a day turned into a week, a week into a month, and months into more, and yet here I am, no less in love today than when I knew for the first time that I was. She is still the girl I know, and the one I don’t at all. Because how could she who was my go-to chill place be so annoying? How could she say and do these hurtful things all of a sudden? How could I so desperately want to see her, and yet move to a different planet all at the same time? I mean, I sent that text twenty minutes ago. Why hasn’t she responded? She’s online, isn’t she? Am I being ignored? I deserve better. I’ll give her a piece of my mind – but oh, she just called me babe again. What was I so mad about?
My heart and mind toss and tumble constantly for and against this One, this One who I know, but again not at all. A house within which rooms change and move, so that you’re never sure exactly how to get from here to there.
When a guy falls in love, he is exactly the same, but changed in ways that can never be changed back.
Because when I fell in love, I came home for the first time, to the place I had always known.

By Kai ,

My amazing friend and inspiration ❤❤

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  • Allan Kakai

    really awesome😊no wonder you were saying dudes should be posting..you chics😂😂hio naaah…i still refuse kiplani..
    hey the dude my love her and then she messes him you never know..

  • ivy

    dope artcicle

  • ivy

    dope article


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