I want to feel different,

I know they call me different,

But I have fallen into the predicament,

And as if toxic normalizes have been drained into my flesh,

I behave like all the rest,

I hate,


And break hearts like they are chicken wings.

And I want to go back to the time when I didn’t do this things,

I want to unlearn the insults that sit on my lips,

To unlearn the vices that whisper words of war to me.

I have learnt to even question the fat on my tummy,

And the size of my nose

And I want to unlearn this things,

To unlearn that to be woman enough I need to lose some weight,

To swallow my belly and fake a smile,

I need to unlearn the numbness,

The tendency of acting like I don’t feel a single thing, 

When in my heart there are emotions holding a meeting,

But their is one thing I would give a rib to unlearn,

And that’s falling in love with him. 

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One thought to “Unlearn”

  • rosebell njenga

    You took the words out of my mouth….literally…well most of it
    I relateūüėć


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