Tell him about your day. Tell him what you ate and how the traffic was crazy. Tell him about the craving you had that had you walking across town just so you could eat good cheese. He is going to want you to tell him things. He isn’t chatty but makes up for it by listening .

He has a good soul,you’ll know . When you argue ,he will clench his teeth and face away from you. He doesn’t want to argue, he doesn’t know how to. Be careful what you say when you argue ,he has the memory of an elephant. You might never notice that though.

You might be in doubt ,but he loves you. He does. When his with his friends you are all he talks about. He tells them that it’s silly but that you give him some contentment ,a sense of peace. To him,you are home .

Sometimes he doesn’t mean what he says. So listen ,watch and feel. You will learn that he says what he means. He will tell you about cars ,art and films . He will tell you about his mother and he will tell you about places he himself has never been.

He is going to forget your birthday. He is going to promise you gifts. Gifts you might probably never recieve. it’s the thought that counts ,so keep counting. When he gets in the mood ,which is not often,dont try to mess it up with a funny face. He wants to tell you how he feels ,corny as it seems ,he feels that at that moment you need to know that you are the world to him .

Tell him he is enough. Tell him he has wonderful hands and a captivating mind. Tell him he is strong. Tell him you don’t want things, you just want him. Please know how he likes his coffee,bitter and strong. Sleep in his shirts whenever you are at his place,he might never tell you but he likes it. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Tell him you love him ,and all those things I never had the chance to say .

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    Wangeci,,, You are a good writer!! I swear!


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