I imagine you are drowning in the overflow of love from a woman strong enough. Strong enough to love you . A woman stronger than me.

Sometimes my mind shifts to the days when I was a tough and stubborn girl still learning to control the strength of the wind beneath my wings. We were young and in love and less that I care to admit, you more than me.

You made it seem easy to love me, when deep inside your heart churned in anguish. I was messy and unaware of how to be my tiny self in such a ginomous world.
If then I was the woman I am now, i would have loved you with the extensity of this ever expanding universe.

You are a highlighted subtitle in this book that is my life . Loving me enough to teach me that my bruises are like flying birds tattooed on my aching skin. A constant reminder that gravity does not have to hold me down.

On the night that I mourned the exodus of what we were , I learnt that we had to be . That you had to be a testimony of my having tasted love . You taught me to see beyond my dents and cracks. You embraced my sappy soul and taught it how to dance to the sound of laughter .

I once hoped we were destined . Now , now I just give gratitude for having tasted the elixir of life amidst drowning in my sorrows .

Thank you for being the man who had to teach me that love can’t be one sided . For helping me realise that I am worth more than forgotten birthdays and nails broken fighting over someone.

I am now ready to love someone enough to swallow the oceans and all its granules underneath . I am ready to embrace the beauty of love without questioning my hearts ability to give.

It might not be you, but I hope the man I end up loving will be able to range my moods on a scale of Oreos to fudge cake. I hope he will have an extensive reference of music that can cheer me up. I hope he PRAYS, but most of all I hope he stares at me with the same longing that you had .I hope he is my last and one true love .


   * * *
Adding this Liza koshy and David dobrik picture cause they are just goals 

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