Its not easy ,
I know its not.
I know you are tired of being lost,
You are tired of trying with no results.
You been out here struggling ,
Trying to find a job.
I know ,
See this public offices are actually family residents,
Your name doesnt fit.

The new business you started ,
Its turning out to be shit.
Your heart is broken ,
You just cant love again.
Everything you put your heart in
Wont let you get through .
I am just like you ,
Saying yes to everything that says no to me .

And grieve has come ,
Depression has moved in,
It has stayed .
No rent being paid ,
Its calling your space home .

You cant give in,
Tell me you wont give in .
All hope is not lost ,
You’ll find a job
The business will pay off,
You will fall inlove .
Its all gonna come .
All in good time because the sun will rise,
And we will try again.

📷 :found it from I.G @alex_subari 

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2 thoughts to “The sun will rise

  • loise

    it will all come in good time i believe that


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