“Don’t try changing the world,find what you love doing. Do that,eventually the world will change”- growing up by Edsheeran.

“Who are they?” Asks the grumpy old man

Dressed in a three piece worn out suit with an unkept beard.

“What are they?” Asks the woman dressed like a warrior.

She’s I soldier I am told.

_we are The Revolution.

We come with this pens as swords 

This books as sheilds and proof that we went to war.

_we are The Revolution 

We come with solutions to the governance of this land 

Blinded by the faliures who pretend to leaders

Our people have fallen as preys 

And we are here to rescue the day .

_we are The Revolution 

We come with the answers to global warming 

Climate change 

Tornados and tsunamis .

_we are The Revolution

We come with band aids and chocolates 

For those heart aches 

We come with rhyming words 

And soothing sounds like love songs for those in love 

_we are the revolution 

No we don’t pretend to know it all 

But we accept that to come with solutions 

Hoping that you put down those guns 

Stop those wars 

Hold those thoughts .

Read this words we bring in books, papers and scrolls 

Listen to this words we speak in certainity 

_we are The Revolution

“But what do we call you?” Asks the little boy with a dirty straw in his mouth and ball in his hands

_call us ,call us poets 

The kind that grace stages 

The kind that have there art hanged on walls in art galleries and museums.

We are the Shake speares of this generation 

We are the revolution 

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3 thoughts to “The Revolution

  • karuriwilliam

    This is awesome work..art🔥

  • Rosebell njenga

    Encouraging! To people like us😆😆…
    Anyway,that’s deep😉


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