I don’t have a huge , mind blowing story like the men in the Bible. I am no one special, nothing big . Just another human being playing a part in this journey .
Often I have questioned and doubted God. Often I have not trusted him as I should have.

I was once an angry, mean , bitter , self_absorbed person. I thought the world revolves around me. That everything happened against me. My heart was filled with feat and detest. I was discouraged and dismayed . I never once felt what is true.

I figure you have been there,right ? Angry , lost , confused ? Now I don’t know what you believe in . I don’t know if you stand in the great believe if the presence of a majestic and loving God . What I know is we are all chosen by him, we are all purposed for greatness.

Even though my story won’t baffle you like that of Jacob or Abraham or Esther or all the great men and women mentioned in the Bible ,it’s still something .

See I have struggled with anxiety , constant going through my day that everything is working against me to cause my death.
Now see this , a bitter, angry and destroyed girl going through anxiety like this . Going through everyday with pain on my neck and a heavy weight on my chest. Agony and distress. Insomnia .
Illusions and fear are what dominated me , they clouded me . I was destroyed, I had fallen into the hands of demonic fears and worldly pain. I had given in to destruction .

THEN GOD came , no , scratch that , He was with me . God stood and stands with me . When all the anxiety and pain was consuming me , God was renewing me. He was breathing new life into me . He was breathing victory , success and long life .

So now I wasn’t dying . I still have 70 something years to live . (Psalms 118:17). What was dying was the bitter , angry, mean trait that was keeping me from my blessings. What was dying was all the shackles that were holding me down. What was dying was my worldly view of things , all the devil’s plans against me .

Now they are dead. Now they are buried and my spirit is renewed. Now I have life. Now I have long life . Now I have love because God is love.

I don’t know where you stand with God but I need you to know afew things

  1. He loves you . No , his love isn’t based on you. It is simply placed on you .
  2. He is with you.  Wether you doubt him or not he is there. You may walk 1000 steps away from him but he will always be beside you.
  3. You are worth it. Jesus says come as you are . Bring your pain , anxiety , doubt , self judgement , grief, bring it all . He will handle it.

Just like me ,God is with you. He believes in you . He walks with you . Start with Him. Do not begin with where you are or with what you have or with who you know . Begin with God. He assures you all the things you are looking for in this empty world.( 1 Corinthians 1:8 ).

In case you are in doubt about God, read about the uncovered evidences that prove his word.
Now I am set free. Now I know what I will do with the many years I have left . I hope you know too.
I hope you understand , the would doesn’t revolve around you , it revolves for you . I hope you know , everything is in your favour because God goes before you , before all things . He loves you , so please , START WITH GOD .

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4 thoughts to “Start with God . 

  • Maureen Njoki

    Daaamn girl…what a way to start my morning😘

  • koi ck

    Quite a major reminder that i keep ignoring


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