I can see you through my bedroom window. Your feet are hanging down the branches of this bushy tree. You are staring at her through her window , waiting for her to sleep so you can take pictures .

It’s 10p.m and you are holding up your lense.
You do this thrice a week ,Mondays , Tuesdays and Thursdays . Same routine , you a bag of crisps and your Nikon camera . I wonder if she ever heard you crashing the potato crisps with your edgy teeth. I wonder if she hers you whistle to old classics like ,

” Cheerio ,cheerio baby…”
Does she ever notice you like I do ? I know you wear the same colour clothes ,black . I know that you are always up the tree by 8.30pm . I know that you like this black jacket that has a white paint stain on the back left. You probably think it makes your chest look a little bigger , I think so too. I know you buy by same brand of crisps and only like salt and garlic .

I know you often press your thin lips together in disguise when you see her walking out her boyfriend car. It bothers you . I can’t see your face but I can tell that you bothered by how your shoulders move in the weight of your depression . It bothers you like it bothers me to watch you climb up a tree just to watch her sleep .

But isn’t that how it is , dont we love the people who love other people who love other people . You are staring at her talking to him while am here gazing at you . I am here disgusting myself with garlic and salted crisps . You have bad taste , really ! Garlic and salted crisps don’t taste as good as you make them seem . I am sitting here looking at you wishing you could look back at me.

We should all turn back now. We should turn back and try to see if someone else is going out of their way just to get a glimpse of what could be . She should turn her head and look at you. You should turn and look at me . Maybe then we could see what you are missing .

 Photo credit @s.afiri on Instagram . Places with no faces .

2 thoughts to “Stalking hearts .

  • Rosebell

    God will never give you what you don’t need. 😉
    Beautiful piece
    As always😋

    • Cleona Mwangi

      He wouldn’t . Amen to that


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