You are sitting side by side .

Today ,

She looks like a flower that just blossomed,

It’s a good day .

The nurse call out her name ,

And you walk in to the doctor’s office .

You have seen this doctor ,

He has been her doctor for the past 2 years ,

You know his sir name ,

That his grandfather came to Kenya in 1901 ,

When he was only 18,

To build the long snake .

His told you this story ,

His told you a lot of stories when you brought her for chemotherapy 

And check ups .

You know his father was a lawyer ,

That he got killed in a plane crash ,

You know his wife loves pilau, 

and that his 16 year old daughter plays the violin .

She asks him 

“How am I today ” 

He smiles ,

He always smiles ,

He has seen so many tragedies ,

He tells you how she has been strong ,

and how she has responded well to treatment ,

He tells you how she is cleared of all tomours 

That now ,

Not even a dash of cancer can be found touring her body ,

She is happy ,

She cries ,

Lately you have seen her cry a lot .

She isn’t the type to cry ,

You smile .

It’s great news ,

It’s been 2 years of a struggle ,

3 years of praying she makes it another day ,

and now ,

Today !

Here and now ,

You are happy ,

Because she lives to die another day .

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4 thoughts to “She lives… (crawling soul 2)

  • Shimmer

    Woow😰 Because she lives to die another day!
    Super creative!
    Loved it!

    • csheshi_

      Thank you . Humbled

  • támedFingerZ

    I wish she lives forever,
    Nice piece though.


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