This is a public apology .
My grandmother always told me ,
If you can’t change something then change your attitude towards it,
But maybe I took this lesson too far ,
Or maybe am a coward ,
I am sorry .

This is a public apology ,
To anyone who lost a loved one in a road accident ,
Because I didn’t report when I saw that nakuanga giv8nh an askari a 50 shillings note ,
Just to keep his car on the road.

This is a public apology,
To anyone who went to seek out the Lord ,
But instead met criticism and hate ,
And they were reminded of the pain they so much yearned to drain ,
Like how they just can’t keep away from drugs
I just want you to know,
Jesus said “come as you are .”

This is a public apology ,
To all Muslim brothers and sister who weren’t allowed to enter a building or board a public vehicle ,
Because they were condemned and discriminated for the mistakes of other human beings ,
I just want to remind you ,
Allah loves you so do I .

This is a public apology ,
Because I didn’t say a thing as I watched my father but down trees for his own personal benefit,
I guess I played a part in global warming
And am sorry ,
Because now you can’t predict between you cold and too hot and your wardrobe wasn’t expecting this .

This is a public apology,
To anyone who was late for work today because of traffic,
To anyone who had to walk on dirty streets,
To anyone who visited a public office and got the worst of service ,
It’s my fault
Because I didn’t vote for the leader out of his competence
But just because I felt he has the blood of my ancestors cruzing through his veins.

This is a public apology,
To any person who’s 26 year old is stuck in their SQ,
Wait !
Why am I apologizing for this ?
This is a public apology to that son or daughter stuck in that SQ because their parents refused to fund their education ,
Unless they persued those careers that come with an attitude,
Like medicine, law or engineering.
Now they are confused because they just can’t comprehend between volume , tension and equilibrium,
And thee is just too much pressure,
Too much physics when all they wanted to do is music,
Am sorry ,
But please ,
Wake up from that SQ ,
Go chase your dreams with no apology.

This is a public apology,
To any kid who grew up feeling like they are not good enough,
Because their father always asked
Why it wasn’t the highest grade ?
Why it wasn’t the best point ?
Now you are all grown up ,
But you can’t commit to anyone
Because you feel like they would see just what your father did .
I am sorry ,
And I just want you to know that though you don’t have super powers,
You are my hero ,
Because you put up with your father’s insults,
I want you to know that I believe ,
You are not good enough , you are greater ,
And ni !You are not the best you could ever be
But you keep getting better .

This is a public apology ,
On behalf of this country,
On behalf of the church ,
On behalf of the church,
On behalf of the youth ,
On behalf of every parent ,
And just any human being who made mistakes at any point in life .

And just in case you are giving up ,
Please dont ,

Photo by @s.afiri on Instagram 

7 thoughts to “Public apology 

  • Palmond Wokabi

    I love this piece
    You’re a great writer

    • Cleona Mwangi

      Thank you .

  • ochibobo

    So many peoplw needed to hear this

    • Cleona Mwangi

      Why dont we share it so that more people get to see it ?

  • Antonio

    Your esteem should keep up.good choice of words.
    Lv it.

  • Daniel Sirali

    Superb.Really superb

    • Cleona Mwangi

      Thank you Daniel


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