when i was young,

My teacher asked that everyone  says what they want to be,

When it was mmy turn …

I said,” i want to be everything”

And with each page ,

I get to be that ,

As the ink drips on this book 

I am a doctor who  saves lives,

The mother ,

I am a lawyer who brings justice,

A sailor ,

I am the author of a book,

A pirate .

For that momemt ,

I get to be a pilot ,

An engineer ,

Architect or designer , 

With this pen and a drawer full of papers,

I get to be everything 

And that was a prophecy . 

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5 thoughts to “Prophecy

  • Rosebell Njenga

    Lovely…and you’re way more than you think sweetheart 😉

  • tembeaworld


  • támedFingerZ

    Ever thought of doing spiken word?


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