My voice whispers,

you are the wind beneath my wings

I know i have told a lie,
How are you the force that places me at the mercy of my fear ?

I have watched you  swallow your words with each sip of coffee,
I have heard your heart clentch onto its vessels hoping i do not find you weak.

Someone told me my writing is private,
That this ink pours out things you tell your bestfriend after pillow fights on sleepovers,
Things you tell your soulmate while tracing shooting stars
Or maybe a pet dog because maybe he listens , because he understands.

I was hoping you would see this too,
That i write from my heart to you,
Hoping that the musclininity you are clothed in does not keep you from feeling love.

when a warrior falls in love ,
Do his people call him weak for letting in such vulnerability
Or is he strong for giving part of himself he might never get back ?

I hope you get my postcards ,
That you understand that love ,
Even though so private does not know how to remain a secret,
That love ,
Like the silent girl in the corner ,
Has a laugher that fills the room long after she is quiet.

I have fallen in love with you,
Realisings that all this time my food missed the salt ,
Like a guitarist missed the chord.
And though i tried to hide it ,
Love is to full to be hidden in the private chambers of my beating heart.

8 thoughts to “Privacy 

  • Anonymous

    The Swahili people say…; mapenzi ni kama mimba… hayafichiki.

    Love love the piece!

    • Agnes

      Is Agie

    • Cleona Mwangi

      Exactly what was running on my mind as I wrote

  • Oscar mkado

    Wow!nice Story….
    Big up Wangeci

  • Oscar Owino

    Mmmh pretty good 😘

  • Muteshi

    I love this!!! This piece reminded me of a song by Celine Dion- How does a moment last forever.
    Keep up the good work sis. 😊😊

    • Cleona Mwangi

      Thank you girlfriend 😁

  • sarafineArt

    The say love…….
    Without love a writer is not a writer.

    I love how this piece tastes….i have no words really
    And about the pillow fights and sleepovers, well i would say you were talking about me😄


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