“Pain demands to be felt”- An imperial Affliction.

sticks and stones 

Broken bones 





We have to be broken 

We have to have cracks 

To let paths for the light 

We have to be in pieces 

Ripped apart 

Just so we could treat hearts with more love.

But it’s one thing to be in bits 

Then it’s another when parts of you sting 

And they don’t just sting you 

But those who choose to step into your world 

With bare feet 

And blood is shed.

So your sky is painted red 

And your soul is pale

You wear a veil 

Just to hide the trail of emptiness 

Shut out every one 

Your world is sad

It’s driving you nuts.

Inhale ! Exhale! Inha… 

A cloudy sky 

Your no ones muse 

Sad sad song ! 

No instruments in your orchestra

Screams shout

Can’t breath 

No peace 

This words ! This words 

They don’t make sense 

Thats the thing about being in pieces.

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