No this is not about the movie.

Well according to Women Health Magazine , only 25% of women Orgasm , the rest never have the chance if having that bomb explode .

But wait , let’s Start from the beginning. What’s an Orgasm ? 

As you become turned on, blood  floods the pelvic area, breathing speeds up, heart rate increases, nipples become erect, and the lower part of the vagina narrows in order to grip the penis while the upper part expands to give it someplace to go. An incredible amount of nerve and muscle tension builds up in the genitals, pelvis, buttocks, and thighs — until your body involuntarily releases it all at once in a series of intensely pleasurable waves, there, your orgasm. 

See an Orgasm is like the releasing ,relaxing feeling after a very tensed moment , it’s like letting go of all the dunk in that moment of pleasure . 

So why do women fake it ? 

There are many reasons why we do, and I would love to tell them all but the fact that 75% of women do not Orgasm is enough to say that they will be faked for as long as humanity exists.

Some reasons though ;

1 . We need to get done with it.   

We are here having sex and it’s probably not what we expected. So we need to get over with it. I once had a friend who’s boyfriend asked that they peak together (girls talk ) . She did not enjoy the sex as much so she never climaxed , but she pretended , ooh didn’t she pretended for the year they were together . And that’s it . See for us , sex isn’t just penetration and so when it is not meeting our demands , we just want to get done with it .

2 . We like you .

It’s our first time at it ,and you are all in heat , breathing heavy and almost at your peak. Because we like you , we need you to believe that this exuberance is mutual . We want you to like us back , and so we need you to see that you also have this sexual effect on us . 

3 . We faked it the first time .

Let’s face it , some of us will never get the opportunity to Orgasm as often as we want . Guys will always expect that since we did the first time , we will as often as we had to. So it’s a trend , we faked it the first time , we are going to do it again . 

4 . All women want happy ending . 

We are the little girls who read stories like Cinderella where she lived happy ever after . We need a happy ever after and if we can’t get it , we are going to fake it . We are going to act like the temperature suddenly subsided and the body shivers and we are at bliss .

5 . It’s your fault . 

Best for last. The world has made it seem like sex is for men and that women should act like it’s not really as important . Here is the news gang , sex is important for women too , we like it too . Goodness !We love it . So we are always doing what you like , and you are always  trying to pleasure us without even asking what pleasures us . We don’t want to hurt your feelings , make you feel like you are bad in bed. See , do you know our favourite position ? Are we vanilla or kinky ? Just because our nipples got hard , doesn’t mean you had as bad . 

So we do fake Orgasm , sometimes it’s our fault but most time , we are with you in bed but we aren’t feeling it because it isn’t the kind of sex we like .

Try get your girl to her climax , she deserves it.  Find out what she likes , communicate with her body . Be the intense she likes.  

And aren’t men out here faking feelings? 

13 thoughts to “‘O’ for Orgasm 

  • Collins carter

    Faking it till making it
    We men can fake emotions too

    • Cleona Mwangi

      That’s is the sad part

  • Ian Libhani

    Waaaah…. Hehe. No comment

  • Maureen Muthui

    I am mind blown😱😱😱dayuuuuum

  • IamCsi

    heehe meen much deper exploration into such intense moments

  • Anonymous

    I see you

    • Cleona Mwangi

      😐 I don’t know how to feel about this😄 , it is very ambiguous 😂

  • King

    Well this is insightful!

  • Antonio

    ” Goodness, we love it”
    hehe..that is soo self expressing. Love the talk.

    • Cleona Mwangi

      Thank you .

  • sarafineArt

    Am here wondering why i did not read this before😂😂
    Too much insight, sold us out but its good that they now know..
    They have to work harder😏😏

    • Cleona Mwangi

      Am sorry am a sell out 😂😂 am glad you finally read it

      • sarafineArt



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