The low hibiscus hedge outside the window and its many brilliant red bells with its concrete slab and neatly manicured grass at the interstices showed no flying leaves or dust. Beyond the countryard another stretch of the green and red hedge stood guard against the one-story east wing of the house. Over and beyond the roof the tops of palm trees at the waterfront swayed with the same lazy ease they display to gentle ocean winds.

I could see a smile or the radiance of a smile from the back of his head like the faint memory of light at the edge of an eclipse. He had woken up so abruptly that the noise he made standing on his feet would have befitted a knee-sore congregation rising rowdily from the prayers of a garrulous priest. It had me awoken to the full realisation that we had finally achieve one of the things on our long list.

It had taken him alot of striving and reassuring me about his intentions and it took me alot of energy to ensure that I didn’t give in too soon.

I recall clearly that the very first time we met the thought that flashed through my mind was to be envious of his girlfriend. Yet it was weeks before I could bring myself to probe delicately about her, not directly through him but surreptitiously via a third party , Mike. But such was the carefully balanced contrariness induced in me by him that the news of his girlfriends nonexistence, the it admittedly gave me a measure of relief , did not bring total satisfaction.
There was a small residue of disappointment at the bottom of the cool draught, so to say. Was it the disappointment of the gambler or the born fighter cheated our of the intoxication of contest and chancy victory ? Or did the affair lose some of its attraction for me because deep inside I was unlike the dreadful cynical Aunty in the village who believed that nothing so good could wait this long for me to stumble upon ? What an awful thought.

Even when I found myself begin to pick and choose what dress or what make-up to wear whenever I thought I might run into him. I simply dismissed it as a little harmless excitement I was entitled to indulge in as long as I remembered to keep a sharp look out .

One of the many questions I had had to field in the course of his persuasion , some briefly and others at some length, concerned a fairly persistent rumour that he was notorious with the ladies . Was it true , and if so what would those who respect me think of such an eventuality ?

Once while we were out having lunch , I accidentally revealed to him that I was aware of this image people had created of him.

“Do you believe this hear says ?”, He asked , rather calmly than I expected .

“I wouldn’t know , we are not completely exposed to each other for me to decide wether you have used your handsome face and charms on more women at the same time”, I answered matter of factly.

His responds , which took me by surprise was the actual deal breaker ,

“I believe that persuading and courting more than one woman at the same time is a form of oppression. See in the book of Genesis , women are revealed as ‘subjects’ , so taking more than one woman is behaving live a greedy man who uses this power to have women serve him as he desires and when he desires. That is not the intended fashion , the great book also says that Adam was given a ‘suitable’ helper , not helpers , so I intend to be contented with one woman . I am not going to conform to the ways of the world and play a part in women oppression . The have enough pressure on there shoulders as the are, of course, the single largest group of oppressed people in the world.”

I took a moment to absorb his worlds and taste them . At this moment I realised that this man was one a firm believe of God and, as he would tell me later a feminist .

6 thoughts to “My man is a Feminist

  • Ian Libhani

    Wow ! wangeci😃 I love the flow of the story😊 total challenge!!!

    • Cleona Mwangi

      Thank you Ian Libhani , I appreciate . Write more I wanna read from you

  • Muiruri Winnie

    Lovely…your work is excellent doll. I love every bit. Carry on.

    • Cleona Mwangi

      Thank you , thank you , thank you

  • Anonymous

    amazing ……bet a like the flow n voc used…..and you a Kenyan or…… it saaana

    • Cleona Mwangi

      Yes I am , thank you


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