I think butterflies become what they are because of pressure ,

Like caterpillars are told 

“Be something better you ugly skunk”

“No one likes you you hairy thing”

And stuff like that.

And that’s the same way I become who I am,

And I am tired of absorbing this form of being and pretending that it’s worth being,

You are told not to laugh ,think or cry like that,

You are told not to chew,read or smile like that.

This one time in class 5,

A girl in our boarding school told me 

“Hey!You shouldn’t walk like that …it makes you look fatter!”

And ooooh I was fat,

But her words made it worse …

So years later 

I am metamorphosized  (I am not sure it’s a word)

But just like the word ,

Am still uncertain on how far I should go ,

Before the world says ,

That’s enough .

I am turning numb,

Absorbed by “you shouldn’t feel like that”

I am brewing hate because they said “no one needs your love” 

I am shutting down because they hate my energy 

And I am losing weight ,

Because slim Is great .

But even an elastic band has its breaking point …

And I’ll be done metamorphosising 

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