You breathed a sigh of relief this morning. Your mind constantly echoing as you took your shower “ #TGIF”.

The plan is to go to work or school and then leave early so you can turn up. Why is it easy to turn up on a Friday? Well you mentally answer ;

A. Because you can sleep in the next day ,but most especially 

B. Because you can have a continues 24 hours of alcohol taking and weed smoking with no agitating guilt that you would end up missing work or class the next day . 

So it’s going to be like all those fridays , where in a span of 5hours you show up in 7 different clubs . As a guy , you have your money ,probably your rent money ,because you are well aware that women at the club are easily attracted by a fat wallet. As a lady , you pull up those not so useful stockings and fix your fake eyelashes. You wear the butt enhancer because you know that those men at the bar like a woman who “carries well well” 

So it’s going to be a party night . Going out in borrowed cars. The kind you get from your parents or the company car that give employees of your rank . Hanging out late night with friends you don’t like and people you are constantly bad mouthing on weekdays . You remember how every Monday you have vowed to change your crowd so that instead of nursing hang overs on Sunday ,you’ll be at the front row in church.

Well this is what happens. You go out clubbing ,get into a fight or watch two grown ass men fight over a woman with a fake ass and plastic nails to go with it . You get your phone screen cracked or stolen again and misplace your wallet . Apparently , you left your dignity and self respect at home so you end up showing people what they don’t need to see. You make love to someone you don’t even like and drink expensive liquor with loan money .

But it’s okay. Other people have it worse ,thats what you think .

There are those who don’t go out , they prefer to stay home . Invite someone over so they can have a weekend of endless sex and just staying in bed stalking other people’s social networks. The truth of the matter , this guy invited the most available female on his contact list ,and he sure as hell wouldn’t want to end up in a life long commitment with her . 

Fridays are the mother’s of mornings of hangovers , regrets and alot of anti_pregnancy measures . 

So while we are out here spending our day today , Thanking God it’s Friday yet again , let’s ask ourselves …What if ,God Hates Fridays ? 

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3 thoughts to “Maybe God hates fridays

  • loise

    well put…maybe God hates fridays

  • makagutu



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