My mind feels fuzzy.
My heart happy ,
Looking back,
This was never part of the plan.
You are not the person I dreamt of being with.
But wait!
I am not the person I dreamt of being anyway.
You are an old soul,
Strong and witty
And I am just silly .

Isn’t this some form of utopia,
Perfect nights and quiet neighbours.
I am trying to concentrate.
My toes feel pleasant on the furrs of your chalk white carpet.
My heary beats in rhythm with the saxophone.

I wasn’t like this.
I wasn’t user  to mornings filled with trumpones and drums.
I never dreamt in tune with pianos and trumpets.
You will wake up soon.
You will feel the cold of where I should be laying and wake up,
It is your fear,
Just like me you are afraid of losing this,
Losing the only thing that has ever felt so real and lasting in this world so plastic.

When I first met you,
I was an Alice,
Looking for my own wonderland.
You were you ,
A pianist on a jazz band.
Just like the music ,
You were
Have always been,
Strong ,prominent and responsive.
I did not just fall for you.
I chose this,
I walked into this intentionally.

With every Sidney Bechet song,
All your jazz collections.
All this music by Miles Davis,
Duke Ellington,
And Billie Holiday.
You are my happy place,
An old soul with all its debts paid,
Strong and witty,
And I am just silly.

I am baking strawberry pancakes,
The background music is a Chet Baker song,
I am drinking guava juice
And you are being you,
It’s beautiful.

I might never get to say it to you,
But someday maybe,
When I lose my toothbrush or drop it in the toilet bowl,
You will hand me yours,
And with all my absent mindedness,
I will spill it out in rhythm with Sarah Vaughan’s music “I LOVE YOU”
You might never tell me ,
You might never say it back,
But your actions have you exposed.
I know you love me.
I know it by how you stare at me,
How you talk to me.
I know it by how you pull me back into bed at 3a.m and I need to pee.
I know it by how you never close the bathroom door because it scares you not getting to see me.
I know it ,
And I am okay with your loud actions and piano playing skills.
This is perfection.
You my love,
An old soul with all its debts paid,
Strings and witty ,
And I ,
I am just silly and in love .

18 thoughts to “Love & Jazz music 

  • támedFingerZ

    😍😍😍😙as usual

    • csheshi_

      I appreciate 😁😊

      • támedFingerZ

        i hope to watch you one day perform !!

        • csheshi_

          Your sure will

          • támedFingerZ

            Where do you stay😀😀 i start finding my way there

  • Tevin Glein

    i love this one. Great Piece 😍

  • Maureen Njoki

    Amazing poem love your creativity n good grammar are my goals in life I swear

    • csheshi_

      Maureen thank you dear 😊

  • Bancy

    Babe….you doing so well….keep it going. You are celebrated.

  • Clef


    This is something.. Keep being you 😊

  • Øн.

    Dang..nailed it as always..👌

  • forever_herie

    As always😘

  • mediocre58

    Another amazing piece !¡


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