I used up all my time trying to understand her .
With her wrecked soul ,
She had fallen into the oblivion ,
Fascinating and beautiful as she is,
Her beautiful painted Walls were caving in.
Her broken pieces finally clear to see .

I was afraid she would tell me more than I needed to know ,
But what she said was just enough.
Enough for my curiosity to cool off in the heat of her pain.
She put it down as an antique painting,
A master piece ,
The original Monalisa .

But it was as tragic as the 9/11,
Sinking of the Titanic ,
Or the story of sodom and Gomorrah ,
A salty ending .
I hate to sit here and pretend
My imagination put me in a state of pity.
I wasn’t at all sympathetic,
More of traumatised
Because her ending cause an electric pain through my chest ,
The sharpness of a sword.
She said ,
To cut the long story short
“Love fell apart ”


I wrote this afew years back when I broke up with a guy (for the third time) I saw a future with. We all have that one ex , right ? Yeah !so I put down my feelings in paper. It was a hard break up , be it known , I am the one who called off the relationship . 

So it’s hard going through a break up but we need to shed off alot of things and people to be who we really deserve to be .

Have a lovely Thursday huns. 

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