Digger of my grave,let me feel the rain – Anonymous

When your inside

You look out.

When your outside 

You want to be in covered up with a mug of hot lemon tea at hand 

We strive to find the money 

The money doesn’t make us happy 

Happiness comes when we look within 

When we accept our inabilities 

When we see our capabilities .

Cause life isn’t about becoming 

Life is about the unbecoming,

It’s about the minutes when you are late not when you arrived on time 

It’s about the nano second your heart breaks 

The way you stitch it up .

It’s about the wait 

About the journey ,

Definitely the first step .

And it’s only when you accept that life is about the little things ,

The simplicities.

It’s about the contentment in the possibilities 

About the chase for the impossibilities .

And that way 

When you open your eyes to the beauty of living 

You will arrive to death just on time,

Wearing a smile . 

Dedicated to my human diary .

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  • Eugene Mucheru

    This is nice love

  • karuriwilliam

    awesome piece


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