Have you ever heard 

“To err is human” ? 

Am sure you have .

Am certain you have felt and seen it too ,

With the girl who got a baby when she was only 17 ,

Or the recovering drug addict who overdosed.

You sure as death have felt it,

The moment you talked faster than your thoughts and that just messed it up.

And that is human nature,

But look at how we are getting trapped,

Being dragged,

Different people ,

Brain washed to be the same .

Like puppets ,

Controlled ,

We become slaves ,

Doing the same things we condemn .

Chasing emptiness 

And unnecessary necessities, 

Craving for similarity ,

Racing to perfection  .

And that is the reason we are the human race ,

Always at the tracks ,

Running from the past ,

Escaping the present,

Aiming to mimic personalities.

Look how we are limited in thought and action ,

Because we have been blinded to see

To err is human ,

And so is being different,


Wishful and courageous. 

It’s all a trap,

To have us at the brink of sinking ,

Sinking in our own confusion ,

Questioning our immobility ,

When we all forget how to be ourselves.

We all forget that it is only perfect when lessons are learnt from mistakes made.

Only perfect when the imperfections are set free.

It’s all a trap ,

But the human race can’t see .

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One thought to “It’s a trap”

  • Rosebell Njenga

    I love it!!! Eye opener😁


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