I was sitting on my small bed 

In my tiny room the other day.

Pondering about the labyrinth.

I had just finished reading “Looking for Alaska” by John Green.

And should you ever wonder ,

He is one of my favorite writers 

But I hate him for his honesty ,

I hate that he reminds you of how life doesn’t have a happy ending.

No it doesn’t,

It has death.

It has a funeral for the living ,

So they can falsely mourn someone they had never known.

And Alaska teaches Miles and I ,

And probably any one who has read the book ,

That the labyrinth isn’t really about life and death,

It’s about the suffering in between.

And sure as hell Simon Bilavor had every right to wonder how to leave the labyrinth.

In this life ,

So much is suffering.




Faith and all those things we come across.

Well call me what you want , 

Depressed and all that 


It’s a good life .

You know it’s a good life when you can question your suffering ,

It’s a good life cause you woke up this morning 

Cause the sun is hot but that’s good enough for swimming,

Cause you finally got your favorite song,

Cause now you know what it means to be happy.

It’s a good life cause we choose to make it through ,

No happy endings ,

Just death and a funeral for the living ,

So they can falsely mourn someone they barely had the chance to know.

And like Alaska ,

I want to leave this labyrinth straight and fast ,

Like falling asleep and waking up dead .

So let’s get through this labyrinth, 

Find something that makes it worth it .

You See for me,

What makes this suffering worth while , is the smiles and laughs I get to see and hear everyday ,

That just makes it a good life 

Please read Looking for Alaska by John Green . 

And follow this beautiful soul on instagram @n.gugi 😍. I am blessed to have been able to have her in my life with my broken soul .

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2 thoughts to “It’s a good life 

  • Rosebell Njenga

    Pain is an ever present thing in our lives
    But as I say, some things in our lives we can’t change so we just have to accept which makes life so much easier
    But also the choices we make are the ones that determine the ‘good life’
    Mum says congrats hun.

  • munenethestraysoul

    Catchy piece, very true


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