You held me down like a double bass
And stamped me like cymbals,
Spinning me like a drumstick,
Something you did I could not resist
At times you had me confused.
You blew me away like a harmonica,
You felt I was the turning slide of a trombone,
As you tried to lie to me.
It took me time to realise
You had me choked by the fret,
As if pulling the strings of your acoustic guitar.
This pain has shaken me like a tambourine.
You thought you could take my all,
Blowing it like a French horn.
I’ll be loud so you can know,
I’ll play it on a saxophone,
And by the time am done,
You’ll be down like the chin rest of a broken violin.

Am not trying to sink our ship,
Am just trying to let you know
Don’t mistreat me like bongos,
Don’t mishandle me like flutes,
I might look sweet
But I get bad at times,
For to me it’s such a crime
To make this love instumental.

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