If I was to wake up tomorrow morning ,


Away from my flesh ,

I will have only one regret ,

That no one ever was honest with the fact that I make the worst pancake .

They are just too oily ,

and to chunky ,

and there is just never enough salt 

and always too much sugar .

But I have had the best life.

I have had the best worst days 

And the greatest good days .

I know that there still so many days for me to grace this dusty crooked world ,

But there is so much beauty in the past ,

How it remains unchanged ,

Untouched ,

Unmoved .

The certainty that all those bad days you had 

Will never get worse ,

And all those good days 

Will remain in your memory ,

Playing house with your mind 

Sharing laughs with your heart .

And I know the past is to be left where it is ,

But it’s the only thing so genuine and real…

The only perfect thing .

So in this lifetime ,

Am glad that I wasn’t a heartless fluffy cat with a depressed old lady for an own.

Am glad I have had the chance to be my mother’s daughter ,

My brother’s sister,

My father’s girl ,

My best friends’ nightmare 

But mostly ,

In this lifetime 

Am glad that I have been a lover ,

The girl who gave so much because she never had the chance to receive .

In this lifetime 

Am grateful that my heart was broken ,

My mind distorted 

And my eating habits messy .

In this lifetime ,

Am glad that I got to meet you ,

That I got to love you ,

Because that way I had a chance of making you laugh 

Making you cry 

Making you smile 

And frown and love again .

In this lifetime ,

I never really wasted time .

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4 thoughts to “In this liftime  ♡

  • panda


  • Judy

    I love this…… There’s much more to life than just living and I’m glad that we get to feel and hopefully recieve it in return

    • csheshi_

      Refreshing thought Judy 😊

  • Shimmer

    Favourite site😻😻 !!


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