I have chosen the road least traveled,

The one with thorns that bruise and snakes that bite ,

I have choosen to know things and people differently,

To find the depth of every soul,

And i can tell you,

I have wanted to live in the mind of a beast,

Not that i admit to be a beauty,

But because i know that behind the calmess of  he’s smile,

The thunder in his eyes,

Behind the stature that leaves a lass like me with my mouth on the floor

I know that behind the greatness of his being,

There is a man,




And we are all like that,

We are all someone past the face we put on when we awake,

We are all fataly flawed,

We are all seeking,

Yearning ,


And thats how we should be,

Have depth enough to drown those who arrive at the door step of our hearts,

That way,

They my never find their way back,

And to them,

We become home.

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2 thoughts to “In the mind of a beast 

  • Rosebell njenga

    I love this poem so much hun….😍


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