For Clef and Bandana . A boy band with wonderful music 😍please follow them on all social networks @clefandbandana

Am not good at song writing. My thoughts tend to lack consistency and am pathetic at rhyming. I don’t know how to put the words into a unifying melody and make them I am just gonna write to you .

I want to imagine that the whole band is one good looking guy with amazing shoulders and hands that hold perfectly. I want to think of him as a combination of all your good traits. He is funny and smart and has this way of making girls like me feel beautiful .

No! I wouldn’t break just one heart. I’d break dozens for this boy who plays good guitar and is jealous of how I smile at a boyfriend I don’t even have. I would break hearts and bones too. Sticks and stones. I would break anything break able.

“Why ?”,You ask.

Selfishly because this boy I am trying to imagine wrote me a song. A song good enough for an award. A song that would have every girls heart on bending knees. Mojarly because this boy is a good man with perfect hands and amazing shoulders. Most importantly,because I am in love not just with a song ,but with the personality of the writers and the fact that someone once told me that I have beautiful eyes *removes glasses* 

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2 thoughts to “I would break hearts for you !

  • loise

    you would break a dozen hearts for that guy … waaah he is special

    • csheshi_

      It’s not a guy . It’s a boy band 😅


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