…and there is a lot of fight in my spirit.

Some times I am a broken shackle 

But most times I am a loud thunder on what seemed like polite rains.

The problem is,

I have always been afraid of large crowds 

Of noises

And stranger offering to share their snack with me.

This one is a long trip 

In a big bus 

With generous people who happened to be acquainted 

Thus all my three fears combined.

The lady right next to me hands me her cashew nuts 

And you can’t say no ,

In African custom it is rude and disrespectful,

So I pick three ,

And chew one at a time for all eternity.

I am uncomfortable 

They are all talking about things they can’t control ,

Things they had control over but didn’t control

Things they can control but prefer to indulge in a conversation about them instead.

They talk about politics.

I have no earphones,

And even if I did 

I have no music in my memory so I stare, 

I stare at the trees 

I stare at gravity

When suddenly 

The wind is to strong and the bus driver too weak,

Exchange of control .

As the vehicle spins down a steep 

This man-made tool now rules.

Now it’s more peaceful 

Because the abnoxious chatters 

Are gone 

The annoying Symphony has been replaced with more genuine melody ,

A cry for help .

I ,am silently listening not just to the spin

But the screams too

And you should know ,

I am not afraid of death.

  The writer is happy so her work must be disturbing . There is a lot of passion in stubborn- wa.ngeci 

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3 thoughts to “I am not afraid of death 

  • Rosebell Njenga

    You never cease to amaze

  • thuonorah

    the annoying symphony has now been replaced with more genuine melody,,haha,,I loved that part


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