How do you tell a man that he is not a man yet ? 

Tell me , 

Tell me so I could tell you that you are still a boy ,

Still a child , 

Craving attention.

How do you tell a man 

That the length of his penis , 

Doesn’t determine the contentment off a wise woman ?

How do you tell him 

That his constant use of the word woke ,

Does not awaken him from his immaturity,

his tenancy to fake love for pussy ,

And his hoe stricken habits of sleeping with every female .

He is the kind of man who think harass is one word ,

The kind who fall ill in the hands of a feminist . 

How do you tell him 

That growing a beard doesn’t make him a man ?

Only a hairy boy , 

Only a child stuck in an old mans suit .

How do you tell him that his obsession with breast 

does not make up for the lack of hugs in his childhood?

He has not learnt how to respect women , 

But has the audacity to demand respect when he is drunk 

And has peed on his pants .

He has the guts to shame a woman for her strength , 

Yet he is weak enough to hit her ,

 To emotionally drain her ,

To decay her self belief 
To leave her rotting in self doubt and anguish .

How do you tell a man that he is still a boy ?

A child ,

A child who learnt too soon that the penis does more than pee , 

How do you tell him ? 

 Hard work is attractive ,

So flaunting his parents wealth ,

Is only exciting ,

For girls who were never taught self respect .

How do you tell him that drinking his problems away ,

Only adds on to the weight in the morning hang over .

How do you confront him ,

When he is always ready to shame you with insults ,

Always ready to hit you ,

To drag you down .

How do you tell a man that he is still a child ?

That his intellectual disability is what has you packing your bags .

You could see the warning sign .

He is still a child , 

Throwing tantrums for attention .

How do you tell a man,

How do you tell him about the orgarsim you faked while your lungs filled with disgust , 

Revealing that within you he was vulnerable .

This is a draft I put down one night when I was so angry 😂 I have nothing against guys who aren’t feminist but some men are just cry babies with plastic egos . And they shouldn’t be allowed to touch women who are gold and sarrphire. 

Our generation has many of this children who walk around with IDs trying to flaunt what isn’t theirs . Abusive boys who constantly want to give D in replacement of their inability to hold an intellectual conversation . 

Dear men , 

A real woman will be attracted to your mind and character . Not your inability to zip up and stay sober . 

Also there is nothing wrong with being vulnerable , just be wise on when to be . 

Honestly am so angry , 

Anyway been thinking of writing a non peotic post on why women fake orgasims 😂😂 should I ? 

11 thoughts to “How do you tell a man ?

  • Nettumaite

    Greatest one so far. Kudos

    • Cleona Mwangi

      Thank you Nettumaite

  • Collins carter

    Cool.. I like it

  • Anonymous

    I want to see this one

  • Anonymous

    This is all true…nice work Wangeci…

    • Cleona Mwangi

      Thank you

  • Antonio

    Good work bur leaves alot of questions

  • Tracy simaloi

    I love how you hit the nail on the head, no sideshows just the bare truth . when someone wants it he /she should take or live it .

    Congratulations are always in order Girlfie. ❤You make me see life in some other dimensions.

  • sarafineArt

    Should i cry or laugh at these men…theyve got a thorough beating right here…honestly this is how i feel sometimes i feel like ranting and telling them straight up but i try not to be a bitch so i just keep my calm till when am alone😂😂😂😂😂its such a struggle.thank you for being the mouthpiece…
    On an artistic note,i must say that the way you employed satire in your piece really brought out what you were trying to bring across.
    Sarcasm too ..only a few would get it😜😜
    They think yhat Harass is one worɗ,that got me in fits of laughter😁😁
    otherwise good job wangeci💪💪

    • Cleona Mwangi

      Thank you 😩 it actually took me a few weeks to write this , then days to assemble the courage judging by the fact that I didn’t want to doom my single self to sologamy 😂😂😂

      • sarafineArt

        It was worth it in the end😘
        Did you just say sologamy?!! girl, i think i got some laudry to do😂😂😂😂😂


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