I want to describe your smile …

How it spreads across your face so gracefully.

To write about how bold it makes you look

How peaceful it rests on your youthful face.


I want to describe your eyes…

Ooo! How the Lord must have used pearls

Pearls worth more than life,

Just for those well set soulful eyes

Because every time you look at me


As if they penetrate right through my soul.


I want to describe your hands…

How gently the hold my back

Every time we hug good bye

But more so I want to describe

How firm they are on me

As if they are afraid of letting go.


I want to describe your laughter.

How it tickles me so hard,

I always find myself laughing along

And how it is the most beautiful melody …

Sort to say…

Music to my ears.


Oo! Heavens, talking of ears…

Have you seen yours?

So well molded to suit the man you are.


I want to describe so much about you,

But I can’t.

I can’t because the words in existence happened to be insufficient.

Like …

I can’t get myself to tell you how I feel for you

Because it’s that feeling …

The feeling when you are past liking someone

…the one right before you love them.

That feeling doesn’t even have a name! L

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3 thoughts to “HOW DO I DESCRIBE YOU?

  • Tuchi

    Can you describe me?

  • karuriwilliam

    nice piece

  • Rosebell Njenga

    Awesome!!! Lovely!!! Magnífico!!!😁👏


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