You are going to miss her .
At first you will not notice that she is slowly leaving , walking away .
Gradually you will lose her.
She is going to want to come back,
She will hope you clue in so you can save her from leaving you .
See, she is looking for all the reasons to stay .
She is hoping that you come around ,
That you notice how the grip is loosening.

No! What hurts her isn’t leaving ,
It’s that fact that you aren’t going to notice how gone she is ,
Because when she is right in front of you,
You do not care ,
You do not show her that you care .
It’s as simple as replying a text .
You are not being what she needs ,
Not doing what she needs you to do .
And that’s why she is going ,
That’s why she is gone.

You will see ,
Late enough you will find out ,
She is no longer every first text in the morning ,
No longer your first liker ,
First view on social media.
The things she tags you on…
They are now less and less .
She no longer looks for reasons to talk to you ,
All the conversations she started are replaced with silence .
That’s when you see it ,
That’s when you know something is different,
You might just have lost her .

Now , you’ll be the one wanting and needing to talk ,
You now miss the shoulders you used to cry on.
You crave the laps that calmed your fire .
Hours into days ,
Days fall into weeks and you realise how little she comes around ,
You now try to find reasons to see her again .

You miss her ,
You long to see her .
It is in that moment that you realise how strong she is for loving someone who couldn’t love her back the way she deserves .

You want to reach out ,
You want to show her that you now know
But there is an apprehension because you know what you did ,
Or rather what you didn’t .
You will fumble through it ,
Through the realisation of how much you do care ,
That you want to tell her .

You don’t realise how much she misses you ,
Only !
She isn’t showing .
She wanted to have conversations with you ,
You just never gave her the time of day,
So , she did what she could ,
She left .
But trust me ,
The day will come ,
The day will come when you see her again ,
And she will be holding someone’s hand,
Someone who isn’t YOU.
And it will hit you ,
It will hit you hard ,
Hit you the hardest ,

*.     *.      * 

Have a lovely night loves , thanks for reading , please follow ,like and comment.  P.s : find @guthua_ugo and @s.afiri on Instagram , he is an amazing photographer with a witty mind 🙂

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