You asked me once what i wanted to be,

And i was undecided on,

Either cat woman 

Or cleopatra…

Two diverse characters.

I never really gave you an answer because we only had time to question stuff .

But i know what i want to be.

I want to be the hemp that never leaves your neck,

The necklace that moves in sync with your heart beat.

I want to your hemp necklace,

The one you never give away,

It rests on your chest on a tough day 

And takes those long showers with you.

I want to be a hemp necklace,

The one that silently listens to your fears 

And know your sins 

The one thats never asked to be away from you.

So if you ask me what i want to be

Please know i want to be your ally ,

The part of you you never leave behind.

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