People write alot about windows,
About how they see the world outside,
How they are made of glass
Vulnerable and fragile.
Then others write about walls,
About how they keep pain out,
How they keep treasures in.
I love windows and walls
But not as much as I love floors.
Floors help cool me down when I have a fever,
Floors dry my tears,
Floors hold my feet when my wings are unsteady,
Floors embrace me with the kind of embrace fish give the ocean ,
A grasp of life.
I once layed down on the floor under my bestfriend’s bed with him.
We talked about everything ,
About him being an astronaut,
About him flying spaceships,
About him sending me postcards from the moon,
Mars or somewhere in between .
I layed there ,
Listening to him,

‘do people get a second shot at this’
To find genuine love on such a cold floor in such a heartless world .
He said ,
As if reading my mind ,
“We all get a second shot at love.”
Floors became my friend.
April 19th, 2013
I cried myself to sleep on my bedroom floor as I watched my would tumble down,
Crumble like dry pastry,
Break and fall.
It was the beginning of my misery,
The birth of my pain.
My bedroom floor kissed me gently,
Whispering in my ears,

“That is why oceans sermon storms love,
To drown those who touch her with bruising hands. Let me teach you.”

I would remember that night years later.
At a villa in Naivasha.
I had laughed so hard I fell off the bed.
I landed on the floor
While I tried to catch my breathe
I could hear him tell me
“He is going to break your heart.”
And with tears of joy I told him,

“I know ,and you will be there to hold me.”

Floors like walls know the secrets we don’t tell,
They hear the childish laughs of lovers at the prime of their love,
They echo the excitement of a babies first step ,
They whisper love to broken hearts.
As I rest myself down on my bedroom floor ,
I can hear him say,

“Its your second chance , practice what I taught you.”

So when you tickle me to tears on your bedroom floor ,
Listen ,
You’ll hear him say ,

“Do not hurt her , I turned he into a storm.”

Photo credit : @s.afiri on Instagram 

4 thoughts to “Floors

  • Muteshi

    absolutely love this piec.
    I feel like i can relate

    • Muteshi


    • Cleona Mwangi

      😍appreciated Muteshi

  • Maureen Muthui

    this is definitely one of a kind ….plus I can totally relate to this


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