Am not good at mourning ,

But I will weep for you until my eyes are red and am out of breathe 

Then I will think of you on all of your birthdays 

And I will finally quit eating bread ,

I will laugh off my head 

And I will sit here and wish you weren’t dead .

First it will be hard ,

I will meet people on streets and think that they are you ,

and I will wish I could have shown you how much I love you .

But then I will get used to your death ,

and I will wear my healing face ,

But every time I listen to country music ,

I will remember how you danced ,

I will remember how you laughed ,

and I will remember how you loved .

Slowly I will heal ,

Till one day ,

I will find myself shed of all the parts of you ,

But even then ,

I will still love you .

~ In loving memory of a sister  and a friend.

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8 thoughts to “February 

  • loise

    time heals

  • munenethestraysoul

    Wow. It’s deep yet so beautiful

  • támedFingerZ

    Why do you always do this to me:'(:'(:-(

    • csheshi_

      @tamedFingerZ 😣 am sorry … someone has to do this to you

      • támedFingerZ

        You cracked my code i swear, am reading your poetry till to my last breathe

  • Michelle Malonza

    Beautiful 🙂


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