He made love to you 

While trying to find me,

Looked at you 

As though your eyes would

Reveal the reason 

For my departure.

Kissed you like your lips 

Were burning with my name;

Your moans gathering,

He tries to find my tune.

You stayed,didn’t you ? 

Tried to show him what lies within you 

Is better than what I offered.

You held his head

And looked into his eyes,

Screaming in anger

“ I am here !I am here !I am here!”

And darling,

You soon learnt

I branded my being

Through his blood 

To the beginning of his soul.

You foolishly 

offered FLOWERS

To a man 

Seeking WATER. 

6 thoughts to “Desert 

  • Ian Libhani

    Nice piece

  • Collins carter

    Wow, that’s epic

  • Anonymous

    “You stayed didn’t you”

    • Cleona Mwangi

      I just had to

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know you write, I love this

  • Anonymous

    I love ❤


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