Curious bird at my window,



Never really silent 

But always listening 

Take my pain

Fly, fly away 

Bring laughter 

And all those beautiful melodies 

Set me free 

Give me wings .

Shoo! Shoo! 

You silly bird

Selfish and mean 

Leaves when am sad

Arrives like a syp 

Open eyes 



Sent to find out 

Why I woke up with a smile. 

Am not telling 

Mouth shut 





My curious bird 

It’s the boy 

It’s the silly handsome boy

His big hands and loud laugh

No he doesn’t know 

Never telling him.

Yes he grabbed my hand and forced me to dance

With two left feet I did pretty well

He said am like an off tuned guitar…

Always noticeable yet leaves so soon.

Is that bad ? Is that bad my curious bird ?

Am sad .

Am just smiling cause he knows my name 

Do you think his just playing games 

Wait ? 

Wait ? Curious bird .

Why you leaving so soon !

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