Do you ever wonder what’s going on in people’s heads ,

Do you ever just lay on your bed 

And just wonder why spiders have such tiny heads ? 

It’s just past midnight and she can’t sleep,

Same as yesterday 

And probably tomorrow,

Hopefully in the morning she will be dead. 

I’ll tell you about her …

You see you wouldn’t understand her ,

No one does 

And it’s okay .

Some puzzles are best left unsolved.

She is so many things in one big box of pain ,

The fat,ugly 9 year old.

The sill 12 year old,

She is the mistake ,

The afterthought …

She is a minor character in a bestseller.

The girl who dies in page one ,

The most irrelevant in the clue .

She is the object of experiment ,

The town with no residence,

The parking spot no one likes 

She is heavy rains on what seemed like a peaceful night ,

She is an element of destruction.

And it’s her fault,

That she has been manipulated and used,

Abused and misused .

She has been the door mat ,

Where all the filth is left ,

The dirty and stinky shoes ….

And that’s okay .

Someday she will fade away.

To be here she never chose ,

So don’t come any close,

Unless you’ll be honest with the speech you make at her funeral ,

She gets to pick her dying day. 

Maybe today is the day before the day I die ~Anonymous 

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2 thoughts to “Be warned 

  • Rosebell Njenga

    Touching but sad 😊

  • Shimmer

    Reblogged this on Shimmer and commented:
    Amazing piece!💯 by the one and only Wangeci


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