42 days to go !42 days to the general elections .

My name is Wangeci and before you categories me in accordance to the ethnicity of my name , I am more Kenyan than I am any tribe. This is going to be my first time to vote and am very excited about the fact that I finally get the chance to practice this democratic right.

I am not going to vote for the simple reason of having ink painted on my pinky finger or have the sun scorch me to thirst because of qeueing . I am going to vote because one vote can make a difference . Because Kenya needs a difference . Boniface Mwangi often asks ,

“when will you be angry enough?”

And I guess I am angry . I am tired of this leaders who are in it for money and their selfish wants .
If am going to vote for someone . I need them to pass my leadership test.

First, they should be God_fearing , or atleast believe in the existence of a greater power. A King above kings. They need to respect all religious institutions. I don’t care who they are but they should keep their politics away from Churches , Mosques , Synagogues and any religious places . They should respect the higher power that gives them the privilege of being leaders. They need to often seek the advice of religious leaders. We are only going to fall into destruction if God is never consulted .

Also , my need as a Kenyan citizen should go before their hunger for wealth and more power. I need guarantee that they will deliver . I don’t fancy seeing them in a give star hotel eating a seven course meal when a common mwananchi can’t find flour at the shop to take home to their families . It doesn’t impress me to see them riding in tax payers money when the the youth walk miles on end looking for jobs to no avail.

They need to be willing to make sacrifices. Leaders are servants so they need to serve . They should be there when we need them .
I am only voting for someone called to serve . Someone tired of this cycle of poverty, unemployment , strikes and corruption .

Now I don’t know about you but I hope you are angry enough and tired of all this self proclaimed leaders who are nothing but corrupt and greedy .

I hope you are angry enough to want leaders who yearn to improve our economy and end this vicious cycle of poverty .

I hope you are angry enough to want a leader who has respect for mwananchi.
The decision is yours , but please be angry enough to want the best for this beautiful county God blessed us with .
Be angry enough to come out and vote on 5he 8th of August because every vote counts.

Be angry enough .

Lets remember that this leaders don’t know us , to them we are part of a census statistics so let’s maintain peace because out lives are more important .


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3 thoughts to “Angry Enough !

  • Rosebell

    My tribe is Kenya

  • miano Lynnette

    I liked the part where u said “when wil ever be angry enough “….made me think twice… ….as usual I liked it😄

    • Cleona Mwangi

      Am glad tho thought keenly about it 😏


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