Wasn’t born this way

Poison,I crave,I pay
No,wasn't brought up this way
The mirror taught
Love today,as did yesterday
Same mirror forgot
Creating walls with blind eyes
Walls of rules,religion,politics,education,taboos....
Casting a hypocritical light labled right and wrong
Swayed by the weight and depth of coin
But For those who want to go beyond
Ones who want to see behind the light
Ones fighting these walls
With their skins pallid as ever
Bloodying their knuckles
Defying the mirror
Its reflection screams rebellion
Blaming the shallow pockets,drugs,new music,dance,
Stamping dreams to the ground
Leaving hope stretched to the canopy
Must have forgot what living is
Forgot how winning feels
Can't tell what isn't sinning
So much pain in thy muscles
Fire on thy broken heap of bones
Finding it hard to reason
Hard to grow
To feel,know
Breath slowly
They say it halts down time
Cease to breath
Will it freeze the madness
Cure this addictions
Help the mirror reflect itself

By William Karuri ΦH
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