I was told once ,

That you can’t walk up to someone and be like “hey !you are my best friend ”

That normal stories don’t start like that ,

That they start with being chemistry lab partners ,

Or with being desk mates ,

That they start with that mutual friend you both don’t like .

But scratch that ,

Never once have I been normal ,

So May 6th when you showed up for school with the promise of forever ,

I was sure I wanted to sail this boat ,

I was sure I wanted to climb this mountain ,

Certain I wanted to swim this ocean.

And how I wish I had met you first ,

How I wish you were the one who worried about my migraine that 12th March.

The past remains that,

Buried and unmoved ,

With Me and you having scars of wounds we so much didn’t deserve ,

But I have seen the worst of you ,

The Best of you ,

And I pick both .

I pick 1a.m laughs and 2p.m arguments

I pick not agreeing on anything ,

I pick that awkward shade of Maroon, 

I pick your laughter ,

I pick your anger ,

I pick your vent .

I pick apple juice and black forest cakes,

I pick everything …

Because someday ,

A day after forever ,

I will go through my box of memories ,

And there will be so much of you .

Someday ,

Hopefully,a day after forever ,

Our souls will sit on a bench at the beach 

And remind each other of things that are meant just for you and me ,

Because memories are eternal gifts .

To the girl who encouraged me to do spoken word ,the sister who vents with me and the best friend I can always borrow a pair of jeans from … 

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4 thoughts to “A day after forever .

  • Rosebell Njenga

    Happy valentines to you lovelies
    Shoutout to Paula
    And both your craziness 😂😍

    • csheshi_

      Chile take a chill pill 😂😂😂but thanks ma am sure she will see

  • Shimmer

    This one👆🏾👆🏾 had to get here before me! 🙄
    The piece, so authentic so beautiful.
    More love to both of you💜💜

  • Paula

    Aahhh.. Mama 😭😭.. You want to make me cry and I don’t do such.. 😕….. That should be read to me before I arrive to my death 😅..
    Too good 👌


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