I have met a girl,

 A girl I was drawn to.


She had this beautiful hair,

Well curled down her neck,

The same brown shade as her eyes.

She had a well curved body,

The potter’s masterpiece.

And the most amazing smile,

So radiant and charming,



But then,

Everyone is an angel,

Just matters who’s the saint.

And she,

She was not close to it.


She was an angelic manic,

With all her beautiful curves,

All her physical charms…

My little daisy was empty inside.

With no heart to go with her smile,

No soul to get along with mine.


Certainly, no one wants a manic,

No one want to be stuck with …

An empty human being,

Someone with no depth,

No emotions,

No soul. 6tag-1985230173-1086120204490160778_1985230173

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