This is the tale of a dress on display

You want to buy me now so why not hear my story first

You might not recognize where i come from,

But fate and destiny seems to have more in store for us both.

Remember the white gown you draped over yourself, 3 years ago?


Remember how handsome she made you look?

You striped naked so she could cloth you

Cover you to your desired comfort.

She loosed herself so you could manipulate her innocence as you wished.

For then, it made you happy
Oh white gown attraction to all attention,

As they showered you compliments,

Men and women.

You had changed. She had changed you.

Yet your love for her lasted as long as her beauty

You got tired of her and no longer minded your steps.

She tried to wash better, be brighter just for you
And you still let that barb of a wire tear her through

Diminished her to rugs

The  cloth on your door step

To step on and clean your oh so perfect smelly boots.

And she still suppressed her pain 

So at least your house if not you she could make sparkle.
You never once thought of her as anything more than a rag.

Never once remembered the beauty she graced upon you

For past her you walked

Draped in another you thought

Better than her.
But still here you are, looking behind the glass wishing you had me.

After my maker picked me up and shredded me

Destroyed every hurt in the past to make my scars beautiful again

And here you are, looking behind the glass wishing you had me.

What you lost of your own is gone for you my dear

I gave you all and you tore me

I can’t wish you bad

 that’s not me

But i can pity your poor self, 

Looking behind the glass mirror wishing you had me.

For the drape you once knew, is now a cloth you can’t pursue

Defined with form and line

Taking the shape of whom she now belongs.

Feeling she’s finally behind a glass of the man she knows will not just treasure her

But better her

And care for her

Unlike he who now stares behind the glass wishing he had done better, maybe he’d still have me.

By JG . 

I honestly don’t know who JG is but someone by the name Joyce sent this , and it just sat well with my feelings . I thought to share . 

Ooh !Also Joyce please text me or email . 

The long awaited post is on its way .

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4 thoughts to “​THE TALE OF A FABRIC

  • Collins carter

    Metaphorically elegance, its cool

  • Ddm

    Amazing….may God bless your work my girl

    • Cleona Mwangi

      God bless you

  • Anonymous



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